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Finland in Afghanistan

Finland's goals in Afghanistan are promoted through long-term development cooperation, humanitarian aid as well as civilian and military crisis management. A stable and peaceful Afghanistan that respects human rights and complies with the principles of the rule of law is in the best interests of Finland and the international community as a whole.

Finland's goals in Afghanistan are based on the comprehensive strategy approved by the international community and the government of Afghanistan. It is implemented in close cooperation with the government, other aid providers and international operators.

The challenges faced by Afghanistan are immense, but the country has developed considerably in the last few years. Economic growth has been strong, significant infrastructure has been built and health care has developed. The opportunities for children, and girls in particular, to go to school have improved significantly.

The literacy rate has doubled and media communications are reasonably free.  Compared with the initial situation, the human rights situation in Afghanistan has improved considerably in fourteen years. Women have received more rights and their educational and health care opportunities have improved.

Finland in Afghanistan

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